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Fontaine's core service is quality translation from Japanese to English by native-English translators, checked by native English editors.
Native-English quality
Whether you have Japanese-language reports you want to show to overseas investors, are working on a speech to be given in English by a Japanese executive, or are preparing a bilingual catalogue for an art gallery or museum exhibit, Fontaine's native-English translators provide you with translations in natural English. Your editor or copywriter will be able to start editing straight away, instead of having to rewrite the text into proper English first.
Fast and efficient
Fontaine now focuses exclusively on Japanese to English translation by native speakers. This has always been our core service, but concentrating on this specific niche increases our work efficiency, enabling us to meet customer requirements for better translations delivered on tighter deadlines.
Specialist knowledge
Cutting-edge translations often demand specialist knowledge of more than one subject area. Wherever possible, we pair a translator specializing in one aspect of the subject with a checker/editor specializing in another aspect.

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